How to plan your migration to DoTimely?

Modified on Thu, 21 Dec 2023 at 04:40 PM

Moving from pen/paper management or Google calendar to a software can be a daunting process. If you are not sure how to migrate to using a software, follow the proven steps laid out here to get started. The system can get really complex with all the features it offers. We always suggest starting and getting comfortable with basic features.

If you are already moving from a system we suggest you setup a call with us so we can help you customize your setup and migrate your customers for you.

First objective is to get comfortable using the system. Using the quick start guide can help you with this.

Second is to ensure your staff is trained to use the system.

Third is onboarding the clients that we will cover here.

Lastly is exploring the advanced features.

Now here are the setup steps: -

  • While you are setting up your clients you should disable emails for your business just to ensure no emails go out to your clients in the setup process. You can go under Settings > Business Information and then click on Business name. Here go to notification tab and then under email alerts you can disable the emails as shown below.  

  • Complete setting up all your services.
  • Enter your staff members into the system.
  • Add all customers and pets to the system. Reach out to us if you want us to import your customers into the system. Please note the email address is the required field for the customer to be created. If you don’t have the email address of the customer leave it empty, the system will create a dummy address that you can change later. Do not send the welcome email yet.
  • Add the appointments already scheduled by your customers into the system. Decide on a cut-off date. Start with your recurring customers first and then add the one-off appointments.
  • Going forward add/update all your appointments in the system.
  • You and your staff members should start using the DoTimely app to track the appointments.
  • Send an email to your customers that you will be using DoTimely to manage your business. Mention when they will be getting a welcome email with login information. Also share the Getting started guide for the Clients.
  • Enable emails for your business from the settings mentioned above.
  • Over the weekend you can trigger the welcome email to your customer by going into the customer profile. Under the Customer profile -> Settings tab -> Account Settings, you can set a generic password and send the welcome email. Setting a password that your customer can remember will be good to start with. They can always change it later. Need help to trigger the welcome email to all your customers, reach out to us we can assist you with it.
  • Once this all is complete you are ready to run your business with DoTimely.
  • If you have questions please reach us at Below are some of the advanced features that you can search in the help to read about:-
  • Client Portal Policy
  • Packages
  • Automated Surcharges
  • Appointment Change Request
  • Invoices
  • Staff Management
  • Chat

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