Quick Start Guide for the Business Owner

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Thanks for joining DoTimely! DoTimely is designed to automate your daily tasks and allow both staff and clients to do self-management. We understand that everyone learns a little differently so don’t hesitate to contact us to customize the system tailored for your business. Please send an e-mail at support@dotimely.com.

If you currently use another software system for your business or you have a list of your clients in a spreadsheet – let us know.  We can help you import the data into the system.

To give you the feel of the system, we will walk you through the basic steps to create a customer, set up a service, and schedule an appointment.

Once you have registered, you will get an e-mail to verify your account. Please complete verification to activate your account before login. 

Business Setup

When you login the first time, you will start by updating the information about your business.

Add a customer

Click on Customers in the left navigation. 

Once the customer list appears then on top right click on +Add customer.

The first name is required to create a customer. If you don't have customer's email then you can enter the email and send Welcome email later from the customer profile.

Note: Notifications are enabled by default so for trial don't add your real customer's e-mail address if you don't want them to receive any e-mails.


Don’t have your customer’s e-mail address? 

You can enter a dummy address here until you get the correct address or leave it blank and the system will assign one automatically.

My customer didn’t get any welcome e-mail?

We suggest your customer check their spam folder first. If it's not there, then you can always go to the customer profile and under Settings Tab -> Account Settings to change the password and send welcome email.

How to navigate: Customers -> Customer Name -> Settings Tab -> Account Settings

Here you can enter a new password and click on the "change and resend the welcome email" button. If still, they didn’t get an e-mail, let us know we can send them an e-mail.

You can also reset their password in the Customer profile and provide them the new password to log in.

Why is my customer receiving start/stop appointment notification?

By default, the e-mails are turned on. If you want to turn them off, uncheck the Appointment Start or Stop e-mail under customer profile.

How to navigate: Customer Profile -> Settings -> Notifications


If you are a pet-sitting business, then you can add a pet to your customers' profile under Pets tab. 

Add a Pet (Valid for Pet only business)

Name of Pet is the required field and you don’t have to enter information for all the fields to add a pet.  

Then you can enter more details on the Pet later by clicking on added Pet name. There is a helpful description of all the fields. Once done click on Save button at the bottom right of the screen. 

Add a Service

How to navigate: Settings > Services and Operations > Services List 

To start with we have already added a Meet and Greet service for you.

You can click on the +Add Service button on the top right to add another service. You'll need to add basic details about the service like name, description, price, and duration. 

Add an Appointment

How to navigate: Click on + and then select Create Appointment

Search your customer by their first name to start adding an appointment.

Why is SAVE not enabled?

Please make sure all the required fields have filled with information.

Once the appointment is saved. You can go to Appointments > Calendar in the left navigation bar. Select your customer name on the top filter and then click the "Show Appointments" button.

Why can’t I see any appointments in the calendar?

You will have to select either the staff member or customer in the filter selection on the top and then click the "Show Appointment" button to see your appointments.

The next step will be to download the DoTimely Bookings app from the app store to make your work easy to track when you are on the go.

Android App 

iOS App

The system has three main types of users the owner, customer,  and staff members. The permissions for customers and staff members can be customized. By default the system allows all the user types to request an appointment.

Once an appointment request is created it can be edited, rejected, or assigned to a staff member. On assignment, the request is put on the calendar for the staff and the customer. The next step is to track the appointment, create an invoice pre-paid or after the service is completed and collect the payment from the customers.

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