Quick start guide for Client Portal

Modified on Sat, 27 Jan 2024 at 07:05 PM

The client application can be navigated using the left hand navigation menu.

There are ten main sections depending on business type:

Dashboard: Provides a summary of your account. 

  • Balance Due - Any unpaid invoice balance will be shown here. If you click on this, it will take you to your Invoices list. 
  • Credits - If the business has given you any credits you can see this information here. These credits are applied towards your unpaid invoices automatically.
  • Credit Card - Please note you will see credit card only if your business allows you to make payments via credit card. The green check means you have a card on file. If you click on this, it will take you to the credit card screen. 
  • Active Packages - Please note you will see this only if your business offers packages to their customers. Clicking on this will take you to list of packages you have purchased.
  • Upcoming Appointments - show any of your future appointments.
  • Recurring Appointments - If you have any ongoing scheduled appointments then they will be shown over here.

Appointments: Provides the view for your scheduled appointments

  • List View
  • Calendar View
  • Completed appointments are green in color and you can view the report by clicking on it.
  • Assigned appointments are purple in color and you can click on it to Delete or Request a Change on the appointment.

Open Request: Shows any new appointment request you have made. You can also cancel the open request from here by clicking on Delete button.

Packages: Please note you will only see this link if your business offers any packaged services. You will see all the active packages here. 

You can also view the details to see what all appointments are linked to the package. You can also purchase a package from here.

Invoices: To view the invoices. 

You can search invoice by date range or invoice number.

Under action, you can view your invoice details or make payment (if your business allow this feature).

Credit Card: You can add your Primary and Secondary card here. You can also remove your card if you have more than one. Please reach out to your business in case you need help removing the card. You can add credit card only if your business accepts credit cards.

Pets: Please note you will see this link if this is a Pet business. You can add/update your pet information here. 

Profile: To manage the personal profile information such as contact and access information. 

Vet: Please note you will see this link if this is a Pet business. You can enter your pet's Veterinary information here.

Policies: You can view any active Policies your business have by clicking on the name of the version. Also the date shown is when you have accepted the policy digitally. 

Request a new appointment - You can click on +Request Appointment on the top right of the screen.

  • Select Business - This will be shown if you use DoTimely for more than one business.
  • Select Pet - Please note you will see this if it is a Pet business. You can click here to select one or more pet(s) that need to be serviced.
  • Select Service - Select the service that is needed for this appointment.
  • Repeat Frequency - 
  • Does Not Repeat - Please select this if it is one time appointment.
  • Multiple Days - Please select this if it is ongoing appointment between the given dates.
  • Recurring - Please select this if your appointment is only on the selected days or daily and/or every other 2,3,4.. weeks. For any ongoing appointments please reach out to your business to cancel them. 
  • Select Time or Timeblock - If your business uses exact time then you can will see Time. If they use range of time window then you will see Timeblock.
  • Add-On - You can select addition service with this service.
  • Notes - Any notes you want to leave for the business performing the service.

To logout of the application click on the top right menu and click on logout.

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