Add an appointment to the calendar

Modified on Mon, 25 Dec 2023 at 04:08 PM

You can add the appointment on behalf of your customer, which will be directly added to the calendar as either unassigned or assigned (if staff member is assigned to an appointment).

How to navigate: + > Create Appointment

You can add an appointment by either clicking on the '+' icon on the top header to create an appointment from any screen or clicking on the date from the Month/Week/Day/Staff view.

Fill out all the required fields (marked with *) to add an appointment and click on the 'Save' button. 

Single Appointment:

Once you click on one of the options to create an appointment, you'll have a right-side drawer open up. Select the customer name from the drop-down list, if you are a pet business you'll find an option to select the pet name as well after selecting the customer name.

To add a single appointment select Repeat Frequency as 'Does Not Repeat' and then select the date for which you would like to add an appointment.

Multiple Days/Recurring Appointment:

To add multiple day's appointments either daily or weekly, select the option 'Daily/Weekly' from the Repeat Frequency drop-down list.

Daily: You have an option to add appointments to the calendar for every day, alternative days, or maybe once in 2 days.

Weekly: You have the option to add appointments to the calendar along with the option to select which day of the week, you can have it every week or alternative weeks.

You also have the option to have an end date for the appointments or without end date in that case system will recreate never-ending appointments till you cancel the series.

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