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Modified on Mon, 25 Dec 2023 at 03:56 PM

You can automatically forward the incoming appointment requests to the primary staff for the customer or all the staff members. Than the staff can accept or reject the appointments directly further reducing the workload. This is very useful for managing sending the requests to independent contractors so they can accept or reject the appointment requests.

Staff declines do not send any communication to the customers. The request has to be rejected by the admin from the Requests page.

 1. Turning on Request Distribution

You can turn on the request distribution from the Business Information. Click on Settings on the left navigation bar. Then under Business, click on Business Information. Click on the business name and go to settings tab. At the very end of the page you will see the setting for request distribution.

How to navigate: Settings > Business Information > Business Name > Settings tab > Appointment Requests Distribution

There are three options here:

  • Distribution off: Request is not distributed
  • To Primary Staff Only: Only sent to the primary staff for the customer.
  • To All Active Staff: Request sent to all the staff members
The requests are only distributed if they are created by the customer.

 2. Viewing the request history

If a request has been forwarded to staff members it will have the Sent to staff status.

Click on the 3 dots and then on History. You can view the history who the request was sent to and which users have declined the request. Any action that the staff members take accepting or rejecting the admin will be notified. 

3. Manually Forwarding Requests

Requests can be manually forwarded to staff members from the Requests page by clicking on the 3 dots and then Forward to button. You can select All Staff or specific staff member(s).

 4. Staff Accepting or Declining Requests


The staff can view the requests that have been sent to them in the My Requests page on web or the mobile app. Staff can either accept or decline a request. If the request is accepted the admin will be notified and the request will be removed from everyone else's queue. If the request is declined it will be removed from the staff members queue but will be still available for everyone else.

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