What are subscriptions?

A subscription is a service which is completed over a defined time frame. For instance 25 Min Weekday Walk subscriptions which is one service from Monday to Friday of the week. In DoTimely the subscriptions are based on monthly calendar but you can define your own dates also.

Subscriptions can only be added by the business and cannot be purchased by the customer. They are different in DoTimely from packages because the count is not defined before hand but created dynamically based on the time period selected for the subscription. Also for a subscription the appointments are created on the calendar immediately.

How do Subscriptions work?

In DoTimely an admin can add  a subscription for the customer account by defining the start and end dates of the subscription and selecting a subscription. An Invoice for that subscription in Draft mode is created and all the services are added to that invoice.

If you select Auto Renew On than at the expiration of the subscription another one will be purchased for the next month.


View Existing Subscriptions and Creating a Subscription

In the Navigation menu choose Subscriptions--> Subscriptions List

This screen will show the current defined subscriptions and also you can create a new subscription by clicking on the + icon on the to right of the table.

Following fields are required to create a subscription:

  • Name: Name of the subscription
  • Description: Description of the subscription
  • Service: The service that will be included in the subscription
  • Price: Price of the subscription


Viewing Active Subscriptions and Adding Subscription for a Customer

This page lists the subscriptions that are active.

This page show a list of the active subscriptions. To purchase a subscription for a customer click on the + icon in the top right of the table.

  1. Select the subscription
  2. Select the customer
  3. Select the pet(s)
  4. Select the days of the week for the service
  5. Select the date range
  6. Select the time
  7. Select the staff member
  8. Turn Auto Renew On or Off
 Link/Unlink Subscription

This feature gives flexibility to unlink any appointment from subscription and link a new appointment that offers same service. 
Subscription Report by customer
This report provides additional information of a subscription by a client. You can check status like how many appointments are left as part of this subscription and expiration date. You can click on the lens icon to see the details of appointment attached with this subscription.