To schedule appointments you have to first send a request in for service. You achieve this by clicking on Calendar > Request Appointment (upper right-hand) 

Then you will get a pop-up message box that will allow you to request the type of service you would like to request


You then select when you would like the service for; either single day or multiple days appointments. You do that by clicking on “SINGLE DAY” or “MULTIPLE DAYS”

 SINGLE DAY is selected for the appointment request for only one day.  

You can select multiple appointments on same day by using Save and Copy button and just updating the time. You then select the new time. This option allows you to submit a new request without the need to fill out the other information from the previous request.   


MULTIPLE DAYS- You select the days of the week you want the appointment to be scheduled. Then start and end date. If the appointment is going to be ongoing then just click the checkbox for No end date.

Repeat gives you option to select the frequesncy of the appointment if it is every week (Week) or every other week (2 weeks) etc.


You then select the time and possible add-ons you would like to have on the service.


Once you click save the request will be send to the service provider. When the service provider accepts the request your appointment will be confirmed and you will get a notification.