To get started you should have received a Welcome E-mail with the instructions to login to your account. Here is an example of a Welcome e-mail.

Profile Update

Login into the portal to update your profile information and change your password. You can also upload your picture to the profile.


View Schedule in the web portal

Click on Staff in the left navigation bar and then select My Appointments.

View Paystub in the web portal

You can view your paystub in the web portal. Just click on staff and the Search Paystub. Here you can enter the start date and end date to search paystub within that range.  Once you click Search you will see all the paystubs in that date range. You can click on 3 dots on the right and then view to view the details of the paystub.


Mobile App

Now you can download the DoTimely app from the App Store or Goggle Play store. Please note the view of android is a little different.

Once the app is installed you can log in with the credentials provided.


The app opens up to your appointment schedule. The topmost appointment will be the most current one. You will see the calendar on the top. If you want to go to the future or past day just slide the calendar to right or left and click on the needed date. The schedule will show the appointments of the selected date and beyond.











Appointment Details

You can click on the appointment to see the details like notes, additional services needed, and home access information.











Start Appointment

You can start the appointment by sliding to left and click start.

Once the appointment is started you will be taken to the In progress screen. Here you can add comments (by clicking on comments), add as many photos you want (by clicking photos), and click on the icons if the dog did pee or poo. If you go back to your schedule screen you can come back to this screen by clicking on the In progress icon on the top right.












You can select to chat with the owner or customer by going to the appointment detail screen and click on the chat at the top right. You can also chat by clicking Chat at the very bottom of the main schedule screen.


My Request

If the business has turned on the request forwarding feature. You will receive the appointment request on this screen. Click on the menu and then My Request.











Here on the request page you can accept or reject the appointment per your schedule and the business owner/admin will be notified accordingly.