Thanks for joining DoTimely! DoTimely is designed to automate your daily tasks and allow both staff and clients to do self-management. We understand that everyone learns a little different so don’t hesitate to contact us to customize the system tailored for your business. Please send an e-mail at

 If you currently use another pet sitting software system or you have a list of your clients in a spreadsheet – let us know.  We can usually import data into the system.

To give you the feel of the system, we will walk you through the basic steps to create a customer, setup a service and schedule an appointment.

Once you have registered, you will get an e-mail to verify your account. Please complete verification before login.

Business Setup

When you login first time, you will start with updating the information of your business.


After the business setup is completed, you will get to an overview video of the system.  We recommend you watching this to familiarize yourself to the system.

If you want to skip it then you can click continue at the bottom so you can setup your first customer.


Add a customer

Click Add customer here. First name and E-mail address is required to create a customer. Please note the notifications are enabled by default so for trial don't add your real customer's e-mail address if you don't want them to receive any e-mails.


Don’t have your customer’s e-mail address?

You can enter a dummy address here until you get the correct address.


My customer didn’t get any welcome e-mail?

We suggest your customer check their spam folder first. If its not there, then you can always go to customer profile and click on Change Password tab. Here you can enter new password and click on button change and resend welcome email. If still they didn’t get any e-mail, let us know we can send them e-mail. You can also reset their password in Customer profile and provide them the new password to login.

Next add a pet for your customer.


Add a Pet

Name of Pet is required field and you don’t have to enter information for all the fields to add a pet.  There is helpful description for all the fields. Once done click on Add Pet on top right side of the screen.


Why is my customer receiving start/stop appointment notification?

By default, the e-mails are turned on. If you want to turn them off, uncheck the Appointment Start/Stop e-mail under Additional tab in customer profile.

Congratulations! You have added your first customer. Now it is time to add service.


Add a Service

 In the left navigation bar click on Services -> Services List.  To start with we have already added a Meet and Greet service for you.

You can click on the + icon to add another service. Here we have added a Dog walking/Pet Sitting service.

Service verification are optional features if you want to use for the specific service. For more information on service fields go under scheduling section. Click on Add Service button to save.

Now you have added a service and its time to schedule your first appointment.

Why is my service not visiable to a customer?

Please make sure the internal label is not checked in service detail page. If it is checked the service will be only visible to owner, admin and staff.

Add an Appointment

 Click on Appointments->Add Appointment in the left navigation bar. Enter your customer’s first name.

Then add all the required fields to create an appointment.


Why is SAVE not enabled?

Please make sure all the required fields have information in them.

Once the appointment is saved. You can go to Appointments->Calendar in the left navigation bar. Select your customer on the top and then click show appointments button.

Why can’t I see any appointments in the calendar?

You will have to select either the staff member or customer in the selection on the top and then click show appointment button to see your appointments.

Next step will be to download the DoTimely app from the app store.


DoTimely App 

Login using the business owner username/password. The landing screen will show you the scheduled appointments. You can slide the appointment to left to start your appointment.


This is the screen you will get after starting your appointment.


If you click on back button on the top left you will get to the schedule screen that will show you your appointment in progress with yellow background.



You can go click on the timer on the top right corner. This will take you back to the appointment screen and you can click stop to complete your appointment and update the report.

 Please note the app images are from iphone and may look different in android phone. 

This completes your basic setup. You can further read - How to plan your migration to DoTimely?

Now you should be ready to add your customers and get started with DoTimely to stay organized and manage your day to day business activities with ease so you can spend more time doing the things you love.


Here is a quick video overview of an basics of the system: 


The system has three main types of users the account owner, customer,  and staff members. The permissions for customers and staff members can be customized. By default the system allows all the user types to request an appointment.

Once an appointment request is created it can be edited, rejected or assigned to a staff member. On assignment the request is put on the calendar for the staff and the customer. The next step is track the appointment, create an invoice pre pay or after the service is completed and collect the payment from the customer.