What are packages

A package is a collection of specific count of a service. For instance if you have a service 15 minute Solo Walk and you have a package of 20 Solo Walks for 15 minutes.

Usually packages are offered at a discounted rate than the individual purchased services.

How do Packages work?

In DoTimely an admin can add  a package to the customer account and an Invoice for that package is created. When a service for which a package has been purchased is completed it reduces the package's balance and the service is added to the Invoice created for the package purchase.

You can also manually add or remove scheduled services from a package.


View Existing Packages and Creating a Package

In the Navigation menu choose Packages --> Packages List

This screen will show the current defined packages and also you can create a new package by clicking on the + icon on the to left of the table.

Following fields are required to create a package:

  • Name: Name of the package
  • Description: Descriptin of the package
  • Service: The service that will be included in the package
  • Count: Count of services in the package
  • Expiration Days: Days after purchase when the package will expire
  • Price: Price of the package
  • Select if the package is purchaseable by customer


Viewing Active Packages and Adding Package for a Customer

This page lists the packages that have balance remaining and have not expired yet.

This page show a list of the active packages and the balance of services remaining for a package as well as the exipration date of the packages.

To purchase a package for a customer click on the + icon in the top right of the table.

  1. Select the customer
  2. Select the Package
  3. Click on Buy Package
Linking already scheduled services to a package
You can link already scheduled services to a package via Link/Unlink Package page.
Here are steps to link existing appointments to a package
  • Select a customer
  • Select appointment daterange
  • Select the option to Link Appointments
  • Select the active package for the customer
  • Click on Submit
This will give you a list of available appointment based on the search criteria and you can select the appointments that you want linked to the package.