If your customers are not logging into the portal you can still send them an invoice and accept payments from them via Credit Card. You will need to have your Stripe account linked to use this feature.  

Get & Share Link

Go to the Invoice Search Page to find the due invoice you want to collect payment for.

How to navigate: Invoices > Search Invoices (Select Customer) 

Click on the 3 vertical ellipses on the left of an invoice to open the action menu and select "Payment Link"

This will open the modal with the link which can be shared with the customer to accept the payment from them. Click on the Copy Link to copy it to the clipboard and this can be shared with the customer via email, message or SMS.


Customer Experience

Once the customer clicks on the link they will be taken to the payment flow screen which is similar to the existing flow.

Since the customer is not logged in they will have to enter the payment information. This information is not saved and used for a one-time payment only.