DoTimely allows you to track keys for your customers so that you can manage keys appropriately and find out if stafff members do not have all the required key

You can access the key management module from the left hand navigation menu labeled Customer Keys.

The Key management module has three sections

  • Key List: Here you can add, edit or reassgin keys for a customer
  • Missing Keys: Report to see if a staff member has an appointment with a customer in the next 4 days but they do not have a customer key assigned to them
  • My Keys: Lists the key currently in your possession. No special permissions are required to access this page.


The user will need appropriate permission to access Key List and Missing Keys. 


Missing Keys

The report shows staff members that do not have the required keys for upcoming appointments.

Click on the Magnify icon to view the keys for the customer.


Key List Page

In the Key List page you can add, edit or reassign the keys.