Invoice Overview gives you a quick snapshot of your invoices and payments.

You can access the Invoice overview from the Invoice Overview menu item under the Invoice section in the left-hand navigation menu.

Following are the metrics that can be viewed:

  • Outstanding payments: This shows the finalized invoices sent to customers and drafts that have payment due. It shows the total amount of payments due and the count of invoices.
  • Review Drafts: You can see how many draft invoices you have with the smaller metric showing the total value of the draft invoices
  • Completed not Invoiced: This shows the appointments that have been completed but not invoiced yet with the amount of revenue earned and the count of appointments
  • This month: Revenue from invoices created this month and the smaller number shows the total of invoices created last month
  • Overpayments: This shows the amount of overpayments the business has. Overpayments can happen when the customer pays more than the invoices due.