Basics of Invoicing

The system is flexible and allows you to create an Invoices for scheduled appointments at any point in time. Either after the services are completed or before the services are completed (Pre-Pay). The only requirement is to have the appointments on the calendar.

There are two ways to create the Invoices:

Bulk Invoices : Bulk Invoices allow you to run Invoices for all the customers. It asks for some basic information such as date range and if you want to Invoice appointments that have not been completed (for Pre-Pay). With just a click than it will create Invoices for all the customers that match the selected parameters

Single Invoice: Generating a Single Invoice allows you to create an Invoice for a Single customer with a lot of added flexibility. You can select the appointments which to Include in the invoice. You can also edit the price of each appointment if needed. Finally, you can add custom line items to include any additional surcharges or discounts for the customers.


Types of Invoices

Invoices can be either created in the Draft or Finalized status. Draft mode enables you to preview the Invoices before sending them out to ensure that everything is correct. You can delete the draft invoices.

Finalized mode means that Invoices are ready to go out to the customers and cannot be changed or deleted.



When recording payments you can record over payment than the current Invoice amount. This amount will be applied when the next Invoice is created for the customer. 


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