You can link your Xero account with DoTimely and export your invoice data to Xero. This is a one way export from DoTimely to Xero. Any action that is taken in Xero will not be synced back to DoTimely. Only the finalized invoices be exported. The invoices can be exported only once and historical invoices will not be sent.

The Xero connection is only valid for 30 mins and you will need to authenticate before each export.


Link Xero account

To link your account go to Settings and than select Integrations

Click on Connect with Xero

You will see another button show up next to it

Click on Continue With Xero

A new web page will open app and take you to Xero for authentication.

Enter your Xero credentials to login and give DoTimely access to the Xero account. 

Note that authentication gives access to the account for only 30 mins.

Click on Allow access for 30 mins

In the next screen select your Tax account and click on Approve & Sync to export the Finalized Invoices to Xero.