DoTimely allows you to create a pay stub for staff members so you and the staff member can easily track the services that the staff has been paid for.

Currently, pay by service is supported for the staff members i.e. when you are tracking the amount that needs to be paid to staff on per job basis. You cannot create pay stubs for hourly employees yet. We will be adding pay by the hour in the future.

How to navigate: Staff > Create PayStub

Step 1: Search Criteria

Select the name of the staff member and the last date of the pay period. The system will look at all the appointments that the staff member has completed and has not been paid for prior to the selected date.

Step 2: Verify / Edit 

You can verify the totals and the service history for the staff member. If needed you can change the amount that needs to be paid out by clicking on the pencil icon on a line item and changing the amount.

You can also add a custom line item for Tips, Mileage, Overtime, etc. Just click on Create Custom Lime Item and add a note for the payment and the amount. 

Step 3: Create Pay Stub

Once you are done with the changes and have verified the information click on Create Pay Stub button to create the paystub for the staff member

To view the pay stub, go to the Search Pay Stub menu item.


Note - If you were not using the pay stubs from day one and want to start using later. Please create a paystub to date and mark it paid. This way those appointments that are paid out of the DoTImely will be kept for records and you can start creating clean pay stubs going forward.