DoTimely gives you the option to charge customers for making payments via credit cards. Please check your local laws to ensure that you are in compliance if you are using this feature.

In order to pass on the charges to customers, you have the option to specify a percentage in the Business Settings. You can enter a percentage amount to pass either fully or partially the costs to the customers.

For instance, if the Invoice amount is 100 and you set the credit card fees to be 2.9%. The customer will be charged 103.29 and after payment processing fees of 3.29, you will get the 100 in your account.

Note: If a customer adds a tip for the Invoice the credit card fee will not take that into account. when calculating the fee. So if in the previous example the customer adds a tip of 15 than the charge will be 103.39 + 15 = 118.39 

Enabling the credit card convenience fee


Navigate to Settings > Business > Edit > Set a fee to charge clients for accepting credit cards


On the client end when they make a payment they will see a new line item for the charge as a convenience fee.


Disabling the credit card convenience fee

In order to disable this feature, you will need to set the value to 0%. Go to Settings > Business and then edit the business setting to set the value to 0.