In the business settings you can configure and personalize the application for your business.


To edit business settings click on the Settings menu in the left navigation menu and select Business sub menu item.

In the table listing the click on the pencil icon to edit the business settings which will bring up the dialog box to edit the settings.


Here you can configure your basic settings such as:

  • Business Logo
  • Name of the business
  • Phone number
  • Website address
  • Custom Sign Up Link - You can pick a custom sign up link for your business which will display your business name and login on sign in screen and when a customer signs up here they will be added to your business.

The next section covers the basic policies and personalizations:

  • Booking notice hours
  • Cancellation notice in hours
  • Currency
  • First day of the week for the calendar
  • Enable emails: If disabled no emails will be sent for the account
  • Clients can view distance: If enabled clients can view the distance if the appointment is tracked via the mobile app.
  • Get email alerts if appointments are not started on time

You can configure your work hours and use this for automation to add surcharges for appointments that are after the work hours.

Also here you can select the option to set what you consider as weekends. This can also be used for automation surcharges.

The last section allows you to manage the payments settings. It gives you the option to select weather you want clients to make payments or just you have the abilitty to charge the card on file.

If there are any surcharges for accepting payments via credit card.