Bulk invoices can be generated for all the clients at any time for the selected criteria. To generate the bulk invoices, select Invoice menu item and Bulk Operation sub menu item from the left-hand navigation menu.


Click on Generate Invoices which will bring up bulk Invoice wizard screen.

Select the date ranges for which you want to generate the invoices and click on Next.

Select how you want to handle appointments that are on schedule in the date range but have not been completed.

  • Skip Incomplete services: Select this option if you do not bill your clients for services that have not been completed.
  • Invoice the incomplete services and leave them in the incomplete status: Select this option if you do pre-pay
  • Invoice the incomplete services and mark them completed: Select this option if you want to invoice the appointments in the date range that are in assigned or in progress status. These appointments will be marked as completed.


Select if you want to create Final invoices or in Draft status. If invoices are finalized, you can choose to send an email to the clients for their invoices.