Automation allows you to automatically add add-on services and surcharges to an appointment request.

Currently the following automations can be turned on:


After Hours


Extra pets

When an appointmentis is accepted if the automations are turned on then they will automatically add the selected Add Ons to the services that meet the correct criteria. All the changes are applied going forward in future only. So if you turn on the automation or update the custom price it will not impact appointments already created.

Step 1 Turn on Automation at Business Level

You have to identify an Add-on service for each of the different Automation types such as Weekend, Holiday , etc.

Each Add-On service can be only attached to one type of automation.


Step 2 Turn on automation at service level

Turning on automations at service level allows you the flexibility to have these Add Ons added to certain type of services and not the others. Additionally you can also set the rate to be charged for these services other than the default rate. For instance the 30 min Walk weekend surcharge is $5 where as 60 min walk can be $7.

In the above screen shot only After Hours and 1 Extra Pet automation is turned on for this service. The others are turned off which means the automation will remove the Weekend Surcharge Add ons.

Once you turn on the automations at a business level it will add or remove the automation add-ons based on weather they are checked or not for a service. You can override auto add or remove by disabling automation on edit.



Define After Hours

You can define the normal working hours for the business in Settings --> Business. Any hours outside of the normal working hours will be considered after hours for the automations.

Define Weekends

You can define the weekends for the business in Settings --> Business. Any days that are selected as the weekend will be selected for weekend add-on service automation.


Override automation on appointment edits

When editing an appointment you can choose to override the automations by unchecking the enable Automation flag at the bottom of the edit page. For instance its a late evening appointment but you do not want the after hours to be charged for this particular appointment you can remove the add on during editing and uncheck the automation check box so it does not automatically get added again.

Changing service

If an automation is defined on business level for instance After Hours surcharge and for a service the automation for After Hours is not turned on than on edit of the appointment if Automation is enabled even if you manually add the After Hours surcharge it will get removed when the Automation logic is run. As it will see that for that service there should be nothing added for After Hours.