The iPhone mobile app can be downloaded from here.


Below is an overview for the app:

  1. The top section of the app toolbar you can 
    • Logout of the app
    • Filter the appointment list
    •  View the appointments in progress
  2. Calendar to quickly filter the appointment list for a particular date
  3. Appointment list showing the details at a glace for the appointment. You can tap on the appointment to view additional details or start the appointment.
    •  Customer has added a note to the appointment
    •  There are add on service items for the appointment
  4. If the users has permissions they can create an appointment by clicking on the floating + button

In order to refresh the screen just pull it down. First the calendar will expand and than keep dragging your finger down to pull to refresh the appointment list.

In Progress Screen

You can capture additional information for the appointments in the in progress screen. The screen also shows a timer for the remaining time for the appointment.

You can record photos, comments, pee , poop for the pet(s) in the appointments. You can also toggle the GPS on or off.