The Android App can be downloaded from here.


Video overview for the app is here.



Below is the description of the highlighted items:

  1. Access the side menu for navigation
  2. Filter the appointment list by date. You can select any date on the calender to see appointments for the selected date
  3. Filter the appointment list by status, view other staffs appointments and or filter by date. To view appointments for other staff members you need to have appropriate permissions.
  4. The completed appointments have a grey layover with a check mark to show that the appointment has been completed.
  5. You can swipe the appointment card to left and have the option to delete, edit or start the appointment. Delete or edit can only be done if the user has permissions.
  6. Click on the + icon to create a new appointment (Only if the user has permissions)
  7. Bottom bar to access chat list or the appointment list. (Chat list will be only show if its turned on for your business)


In Progress Appointments


  1. For in progress appointments there is a draggable widget with a badge counter which shows the number of appointments in progress. In this image 1 appointment is in progress. Clicking on this widget will bring up the cards for the appointments in progress.
  2. The in progress appointments are showin in yellow color in the appointment list.



The card for the in progress appointment shows a timer which is counting down based on the duration of the appointment.

  • To add photo click on the Photo text, here you can choose to add photos from gallery or take a picture with a camera.
  • To add comments to the walk click on the Comments text
  • GPS can be toglled on / off for an appointment if GPS is not mandatory for the service.
  • To stop the appointment click on the start / stop button on top right of the card.
  • Pet pee  or poo can be recorded by clicking on the icons.