A Booking request is an appointment request that has not been assigned to a staff member. Once it is assigned, the request becomes an appointment.

From the left-hand navigation select Appointment and in the sub menu select Calendar to add, edit or view appointments.


Click on the + Add Appointment button on top right of calendar to add a new appointment.


The dialog box for an appointment will show. You can enter the details for the appointment to add the appointment for the selected customer.

Fill out the details and click save to add the appointment.


You can also select multiple appointments on the same day by using Save and Copy button and just updating the time. You then select the new time. This option allows you to submit a new request without the need to fill out the other information from the previous request.   


To book a multiple-day appointment here is some information on the fields you will see:-


Repeat – represents a reoccurring appointment.  This field will have the following values: -

  • Never - One-time appointment.
  • Weekly – You can select the days of the week when you want it.
  • Monthly – Once a month on the date selected.

You can select the start date of the appointment. If it is Weekly or Monthly then you can select the end date too.

Start Time selects the time when the appointment needs to be started.

Service Type is the request for service.

Notes – if you want to provide some specific instructions regarding the pet or service, please add to the notes.

If you do not select the staff member than the appointment will appear as a grey colored item in the calendar and you can add it to the calendar from the Booking Request page.