To add a service, go to the Services menu and Service List sub menu on the left-hand Navigation menu. In the Service List page click on the + icon on the top right table to add a new service.



Below are the fields

Name: Name of the service that will be displayed on the service select menu.

Description: Description of the service.

Location: If you have multiple locations you can select the location which this service is offered.

Category Type: Category of the service.

Service Type: Service or an Add On.

Price: Price of the service that will be charged to the customers.

Duration: Duration of the service.

Default Staff Pay Out Rate: The amount that will be paid to the staff for completing the service.

Pay Type: Fixed or Percentage.  Select how will the staff be paid by percent or a fixed amount.

Taxable: Select this if the service is taxable.

 Scroll to top left of the page and click on Add Service button to save the changes.

Note - If the Save button is disabled then you have not enetered value in all the required fields. 


Learn now to Deactivate a service.