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Custom / Supplementary Fields

You can create a custom field to collect information in additional to the basics provided in the platform. These form fields show up in the custom form tab in the customer profile details page.

To create a custom field choose Settings from the left hand navigation menu and select Custom Fields sub menu item.



On the page click on the + icon on top right of the table to add a new field.

Name: This is the label that will be visible on the form.

Type: Select the data type for the field. You can choose text, date /time and checkbox as the values for the fields.

Tag: Where do you want thise field to be displayed. For now only Customer is the working option. Adding fields to staff and pet forms is in development

Required?: Yes / No if this field is required to be filled to save the custom fields

Viewable?: Is the field viewable on the customer portal? If you leave this box unchecked the field is only vieable for the staff members

Editable?: Is the field editable on the customer portal. If you leave this box unchecked the field cannot be edited by the customers.